Divide and Conquer: How We Are Ruled

By Michael Grooff with illustration by Emma Krone [Nederlands hieronder] The other day, I was on the train when I overheard a loud conversation behind me. A mother was ranting to her teenage children about “those foreigners” who, she claimed, take all the jobs and houses away from “real” Dutch citizens. It was clear thatContinue reading “Divide and Conquer: How We Are Ruled”

Are You Having Fun?

By Jason Day with illustration by Emma Krone [Nederlands hieronder] Are you having fun? Is it fun to work from nine to five, five days a week, or more, just so that you can struggle to pay rent and eat?  Are you having fun? Perhaps on the weekends at home reading or playing music, orContinue reading “Are You Having Fun?”

Why We Work

By Michael Grooff [Nederlands hieronder] Why would we work if we wouldn’t get paid for it, and if that weren’t necessary? And even if we would work without getting paid, why would we ever perform unpleasant or heavy labour? In a previous article, we explained why many anarchists are in favour of common ownership ofContinue reading “Why We Work”

The Environmental Crisis is a Political Crisis

By Jason Day [Nederlands hieronder] It is not a coincidence that the borders between forests and factories are disappearing at the same time that the borders between nations are being fortified. It is not a coincidence that both global temperatures and white supremacy are on the rise. It is not a coincidence that we areContinue reading “The Environmental Crisis is a Political Crisis”

Between Toothbrushes and Ferraris: Property and Scarcity

By Michael Grooff [Nederlands hieronder] What’s the difference between a toothbrush and a Ferrari? It may sound like the start of a bad joke, but this is the very philosophical question that we’ll be addressing in this article. In a previous article, we discussed a few philosophical arguments in favour of the anarchist conception ofContinue reading “Between Toothbrushes and Ferraris: Property and Scarcity”

Why Property?

By Michael Grooff [Nederlands hieronder] Imagine strolling through the forest when you stumble upon an apple tree. You reach out to pick an apple. Is it now your apple? In nature, the apple basically belongs to nobody. When we take something out of the commons, such as a forest, can we make it exclusively ours?Continue reading “Why Property?”

Why We Shouldn’t Fear Anarchy

By Michael Grooff [Nederlands hieronder] The term ‘anarchy’ is often used to refer to a state of total chaos, usually accompanied by rampant violence. In this case, it is seen as the absence of social cohesion and a destruction of our form of life. In many cases, rioters and harbingers of chaos are quickly labeledContinue reading “Why We Shouldn’t Fear Anarchy”

The False Threat of Animalistic Evil

By Jason Day [Nederlands hieronder] It is common in everyday conversation and political rhetoric for ‘evil’ to be identified with the ‘animalistic’. This often takes the form of a claim that the actions of an individual or group violate the social and moral norms that are believed to be essential to human nature and civilisedContinue reading “The False Threat of Animalistic Evil”