The Environmental Crisis is a Political Crisis

By Jason Day [Nederlands hieronder] It is not a coincidence that the borders between forests and factories are disappearing at the same time that the borders between nations are being fortified. It is not a coincidence that both global temperatures and white supremacy are on the rise. It is not a coincidence that we areContinue reading “The Environmental Crisis is a Political Crisis”

Between Toothbrushes and Ferraris: Property and Scarcity

By Michael Grooff [Nederlands hieronder] What’s the difference between a toothbrush and a Ferrari? It may sound like the start of a bad joke, but this is the very philosophical question that we’ll be addressing in this article. In a previous article, we discussed a few philosophical arguments in favour of the anarchist conception ofContinue reading “Between Toothbrushes and Ferraris: Property and Scarcity”